Meet the founder

Meet Louise, the dating and transformation coach who holds the key to conquering the ever-changing and challenging dating economy. With her magical touch, Louise becomes the ultimate wing woman for men seeking love and connection. Armed with qualifications as a life coach, NLP Practitioner, and a master of Personality Profiling (DISC), she delves deep into one’s psyche, unravelling the secrets to transform your life.

Louise's expertise lies not only in revitalizing your dating game but also in elevating your entire existence. She skilfully guides you in positioning yourself within the vast online dating realm, ensuring you look and stand out while staying true to your best self. With Louise as your coach, the journey to finding love becomes an exciting adventure of self-discovery and growth. Louise offers personalized 1-2-1 coaching, guiding you through "The Gentleman's Code - Elevate Your Dating Game" with finesse.

With tailored packages, from bronze to platinum, discover the secrets to becoming the best version of yourself in the dating realm, and watch your goals turn into lasting connections.

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